Shedding Light On The Raw Dog Food Diet

Shedding Light on the Raw Dog Food Diet



Raw dog food diet has been clouded over in so much controversy these days. Experts on both sides of the coin seem to either support or aim to discourage this method of feeding pets. But what is it about raw dog food diet that people see and disapprove of?

Knowing the Effects of Raw Diet

The belief on feeding raw food to dogs stemmed from the fact that these pets, way before they have become domesticated, typically hunt for prey. As soon as they catch their food, they no longer cook them but instead end up eating them raw. With this in mind, experts say that our dogs these days don\’t lack for the capacity to still follow their natural instincts when it comes to food.


But those who support the claims of raw dog food diet counter that domesticated pets may not have the capacity to digest raw food. They might have yet to have the enzymes necessary to break down this kind of food. It has also been argued that raw food is still fresh with bacteria that can harm the internal organs of dogs. Cooking kills these parasites effectively.

Another point being struck against raw food diet is that if dogs are given bones instead of kibble, they may run the risk of crunching dangerous splinters. These splinters would pass through their digestive track and might be more harmful that healthy in the long run.

How To Implement Eating Raw for Pets

As experts take into consideration the many attacks being thrown the raw dog food diet, a number of pointers are now being introduced. Among them is the transition into eating raw. Since dogs who have been used to eating processed food might find the taste and texture of raw different, transition should happen within 5 to 7 days. The age of the dog is also taken into consideration, keeping the older dogs free to keep their current diet and puppies as the most promising litter to feed raw food to.

When it comes to meat, pork is also highly discouraged. It is also advised that dog owners who would like to try feeding raw meat to their dogs should keep the said meat in the freezer and should also by meats that are actually human grade. This way, owners can be sure that they are feeding healthy stuff to their canines.

Fruits are also advised instead of vegetables, though the latter can still be fed. Dogs are carnivores and as such, their teeth may lack the capacity to feed on vegetables. Owners can either puree or chop up the vegetables to even finer or smaller pieces to be mixed in their dog\’s meal to make sure that these veggie can be digested by their pets who are being fed with raw dog food.

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