Overeating Dogs: Is Your Pup One?}

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Hope for the opposite as we may, humans dont enter this world on an even playing field. Even excluding complex socioeconomic issues, inequality lurks in our medical charts: some of us are genetically predisposed for medical issues such as heart disease and certain cancers. A study from Harvards School of Public health suggests that our genes even make some of us more likely to be obese*.

The genetic injustice doesnt stop with homo sapiens. Our canine companions can be genetically fated for certain disorders as well due to breeding practices. Over countless generations, dog enthusiasts created the various breeds by selecting and breeding only dogs that displayed certain desired traits, such as certain coat colors and face shapes. This selective breeding for appealing qualities depleted genetic diversity, leaving weaknesses in individual dogs genetic maps.

For instance, the intense breeding required to produce the Dalmatians stunning spots also brought their genetic predisposition for ailments such as kidney stones and deafness. Along the same lines, poodles are well-loved around the world for their gorgeous, hypo-allergenic fur and intelligence. Unfortunately, rigorous breeding to satisfy demand for these popular pooches has also made poodles the breed most predisposed to disease: they have been linked to 145 genetically-influenced disorders.

Obesity is no exception. In many cases, the causes of obesity are self-evident: as in humans, when a dog eats too much, and exercises too little, he or she is likely to become overweight. Additionally, low-quality, low-protein dog foods may encourage overeating, as dogs need to eat more to feel satiated. The majority of canine obesity cases are rooted in these causes.

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However, certain dog breeds are more likely to gain excessive weight, for the reasons listed below. If youre feeling worried because your adorable puppys breed is listed, take heart: weve also listed techniques for preventing weight gain, or, if its too late for prevention, helping your dog shed those extra pounds.

Chow Hounds: Breeds Likely to Eat Quickly

A quick review of the history of the canine species explains why some dogs practically inhale their food. Many experts believe that dogs broke off into separate species 15,000 years ago, when certain wolves opted to step into a new human-created niche, living near the easy food supplies of waste dumps. In this circumstance, it made sense for dogs to eat quickly, so they could ingest as much food as possible before the appearance of rival dogs or predators.

Today, the original utility of rapid consumption has been replaced with the problems of obesity and dog bloat. Obesity results when owners often assume that their chow hound is still hungry, leading to over-feeding. Gastric tortion, or dog bloat, is a much more immediately severe disorder in which the dog sucks up air with their food, causing the stomach to twist in on itself, blocking exits, even as digestion continues to release more gas. The deep, narrow chests of breeds such as the Collies and the St. Bernard make them more likely to suffer dog bloat. Other fast eaters include large breeds such as Labrador retrievers, Basset Hounds, Rottweilers and any dog that had to worry about having its food taken away as a puppy. Keep in mind that any breed may eat too quickly; monitor your dogs eating habits to determine if he or she is overeating food.

How to Slow your Chow Hound Down

? Set a consistent feeding schedule, and stick to it. Many vets suggest two daily feedings, in the morning and evening. Record how much you typically feed your dog each day, and check with your vet to see if this is an appropriate amount. Avoid giving your dog table scraps and other people treats.

? Create an obstacle in your dogs bowl. Some owners and vets recommend placing a tennis ball or large rock in your dogs bowl to slow eating. Other, more aesthetically-pleasing solutions, like the DogPause Bowl, uses the same principal to simply but effectively slow down a dogs eating pattern. These bowls have half-cup divisions in the bowl that create an obstacle for your puppy to work around in order to get to its meal.

Canine Energy: Breeds that Need Lots of Exercise

Some dogs were specifically bred for work. Shepherds were bred to run around all day herding sheep, for instance. Its no surprise, then, that work dogs like German Shepherds, Dobermans, Rottweilers, and Beagles put on extra weight when they dont get daily exercise.

How to Get Your Four-Legged Friend Back to a Healthy Weight:

? Get out there and play. A half hour of exercise is a good idea for all dogs, regardless of size. Your dog may need more – some vets recommend that you walk your dog one city block for every ten pounds of weight. Talk to your vet about the recommended amount of exercise for your puppy to see if his or her breed may require a little extra time running around to stay in shape.

~Ben Anton, 2008

About the Author:

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reduce labrador overeating

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  • 26 December 2020: Chilean authorities report first COVID-19 outbreak in Antarctica
  • 21 December 2020: Prime Minister of Slovakia Igor Matovi? tests positive for COVID-19
  • 27 November 2020: Wikinews interviews Craig Farquharson, Liberal Democrat candidate for 2020 Groom by-election
  • 12 October 2020: Second US Biden-Trump debate cancelled amid safety controversy
  • 3 October 2020: US President Donald Trump tests positive for COVID-19
  • 22 August 2020: Russia’s Navalny airlifted to Germany
  • 8 July 2020: 11-month old baby finds illegal drugs in playground in British Columbia, Canadian police report
  • 5 June 2020: Face coverings to be mandatory on public transport in England from June 15, transport secretary declares
  • 29 May 2020: SARS-CoV-2 surpasses 100,000 confirmed deaths in the United States
  • 29 April 2020: SARS-CoV-2 surpasses one million confirmed infections in the United States

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Violence at Cronulla Beach as 5000 people gather

Violence at Cronulla Beach as 5000 people gather

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Monday, December 12, 2005

Cronulla Beach in Sydney, New South Wales was the scene of racist mob-violence yesterday. In what has been described as disgusting, un-Australian and shameful behaviour, participants in a 5000-strong mob assaulted people suspected of being of Lebanese origin. The angry, alcohol-fuelled crowd also turned on anyone who tried to help the victims, including police, security guards and ambulance officers.

Following an attack on two lifeguards earlier in the week, allegedly by men of Lebanese descent, a protest had been organised via text messages and a small number of usenet postings.

Sutherland Shire Mayor Kevin Schreiber says inflammatory text messages calling for revenge attacks fueled the violence. Mr Schreiber said the heavily-circulated messages ensured troublemakers went to the southern Sydney beach looking for a fight. Police had patrolled the area all weekend after text messages began circulating among the community calling for vigilante responses to unwelcome visitors on the beach.

“The sending out of that text message was foolish and irresponsible and ensured that people from all over Sydney came to Cronulla looking to cause trouble and this was further fueled by alcohol,” said Mr Schreiber.

Sydney’s popular talk-back radio station 2GB also promoted Sunday’s event. Breakfast announcer Alan Jones has been accused of “fanning the flames.” Callers who recommended vigilante action were not discouraged to take the law into their own hands. Mr Jones, notorious for inflammatory comments, repeated the text message for Cronulla residents to defend their territory several times.

As the crowd marched along the beach and foreshore area, waving Australian flags, the crowd chanted racist slogans, with many wearing clothes bearing racist sentiment.

Middle Eastern men were openly targeted and assaulted. A young Muslim woman wearing a veil was chased into a kiosk on Cronulla beach. Police tried to move her away from the chanting crowd but were unable to reach the security of the command post. While the woman and police officers hid in the kiosk, a crowd surrounded the kiosk and shouted “Kill the Lebs”, while others climbed on top of the kiosk.

As police horses and special operations officers formed a line and pushed the crowd away, they were bombarded with beer bottles. After half an hour, an ambulance arrived at the kiosk and people were loaded into it. The ambulance, transporting six injured youths, escorted by police and police horses, was also bombarded with beer bottles. One struck an ambulance officer on the head. His colleague suffered lacerations to the arm.

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68% of Dutch consider their government “Lap Dog” of United States

68% of Dutch consider their government “Lap Dog” of United States

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Friday, May 6, 2005

According to an TNS NIPO survey published today, a 68% majority of the Dutch agrees with the position that the Balkenende government is behaving itself as the “lap dog” (“schoothondje“) of the United States.

The survey also stated 79% find that US President Bush overly pressures other countries to become and stay allies to the US. Over 70% agreed Europe should attempt to counterbalance the US, while 56% of the participants in the survey agree that Bush is a danger for world peace.

The survey was released the night before a Bush visit to the Netherlands.

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NBC employee wins $266M from California lottery

NBC employee wins $266M from California lottery

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

An NBC employee won US$266 million from the California Lottery’s Mega Millions drawing.

The winner, wishing to remain anonymous, will receive $165 million in total, after federal taxes, reports spokesperson for the lottery Cathy Doyle Johnston.

David Reese, a KNBC assistant manager, was informed by the winner around 2:30 local time Wednesday. Reese told the employees working the night shift to keep the name a secret until the winner wishes to step forward.

Reese said the winner worked for NBC as a freelancer for four years, and her husband was laid off two weeks ago.

L & L Hawaiian BBQ in Pico Rivera, California, sold the winning ticket with the numbers 9, 21, 31, 36, 43, and the “Mega Number” 8. Danny He, the owner of the BBQ, will receive $1 million from the lottery for selling the winning ticket.

According to lottery officials, there was a 1 in 175,711,536 chance in winning with all six numbers with 38 other states and the District of Colombia playing as well.

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Guantanamo captive returned to the United Kingdom

Guantanamo captive returned to the United Kingdom

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Guantanamo captive Benyam Mohammed was returned to the United Kingdom on February 23, 2009 after years of negotiation. Benyam Mohammed’s case stirred controversy for years. He was a legal resident of the United Kingdom who had come to the UK as a refugee from Ethiopia when he was a child. He explained that he had traveled to Afghanistan in an attempt to quit a drug habit he acquired in the UK.

He claimed that all the very serious allegations that he reportedly confessed to were extracted while he was being tortured. He had claimed that he wasn’t held in military custody when he was first captured, stating instead that the CIA had temporarily transferred him to a brutal prison in Morocco where the interrogation techniques included mutilating his genitals. He later spent time in the CIA’s network of secret interrogation centres including “The Dark Prison”.

The Bush administration eventually stopped denying that he had spent considerable time in CIA custody prior to his transfer to Guantanamo. They continued to deny he had been tortured. He faced the allegation that he had plotted with José Padilla and Majid Khan to explode a dirty bomb — a radiological weapon — in the United States.

He was one of the two dozen Guantanamo captives to face charges before a Guantanamo military commission. He was charged twice in late 2005 before a presidentially authorized commission. Two years after the Supreme Court of the United States overturned the original presidentially authorized military commissions he was charged again before a military commission authorized by the Military Commissions Act.

His lawyers initiated legal proceedings through the United Kingdom’s justice system to compel the UK government to release to them its role in his detention. The Office of Military Commissions dropped the charges against him in October 2008. Benyam Mohammed was reported to have engaged in a hunger strike as a protest during the last months of his detention. His lawyers claimed his weight had dropped to a level where he was just “skin and bones”, fainted during their meetings with him, and that his health was at serious risk.

All of the British citizens held in Guantanamo were repatriated by 2005. Seven long term British residents were not returned to the UK. Initially it was the British position that they had no responsibility for individuals who weren’t citizens. When British resident Bisher al-Rawi‘s story that he had been an MI5 informant started to be confirmed, there was public pressure for his return.

In 2006, a frustrated member of the team negotiating Al Rawi’s return leaked that the process had become stalled because the Americans were insisting that they would only release Al Rawi if the United Kingdom was prepared to accept all the former British residents and keep them under round the clock surveillance. After his repatriation to the United Kingdom Mohammed spent a few hours being debriefed by British security officials before he was set free. Three former British residents remain in detention in Guantanamo: Shaker Aamer, Ahmed Beltacha and Farhi Saeed bin Mohammed.

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Former Wikileaks employee destroys unpublished leaked documents

Former Wikileaks employee destroys unpublished leaked documents

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A former Wikileaks employee has destroyed 3,500 unpublished leaks to Julian Assange’s site, and taken the site’s encrypted system to create a spinoff project.

Daniel Domscheit-Berg, Assange’s former right-hand man, left Wikileaks last year after a disagreement between the pair; and, has now demolished files sent to the Wikileaks site such as the US no-fly list, Bank of America documents and “detailed information about 20 neo-Nazi groups”.

Domscheit-Berg took the whistle-blower site’s submission system to create a rival-site, OpenLeaks, consequently Wikileaks will not be able to receive online leaked files, and will have to use “snail mail” from an Australian PO box.

In an interview with Der Spiegel, Domscheit-Berg said the unpublished documents had been shredded to protect their sources. In his book published this year, ‘Inside Wikileaks’, he revealed his motives for destroying the files and taking the encrypted system, writing, “children shouldn’t play with guns”. He stated the material would be returned to Assange “if and when he can prove that he can store the material securely and handle it carefully”.

Wikileaks retaliated, claiming the destroying of documents hindered the “leaking of many issues of public importance”, accusing Domsheit-Berg of theft and sabotage. Via twitter, Wikileaks gave several responses over the weekend, writing, “DDB spits on every courageous whistleblower who leaked data if they destroy the keys and refuse to return it”.

In a statement made by Wikileaks, Assange claims Domscheit-Berg was in contact with the FBI, and is assisting the US investigation into the site. Another statement from Wikileaks claims Domscheit-Berg has “repeatedly attempted to blackmail Wikileaks by threatening to make available, to forces that oppose Wikileaks, these private communications”.

On August 14, Wikileaks accused OpenLeaks of stealing its ideas. Domscheit-Berg aims to make the rival site a more transparent and democratic site than Wikileaks.

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Make Sure To Complete Analysis To Locate The Best Auto Insurance Business

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Submitted by: Masonsd Meyers

Generally we will end up in search of a thing on the internet, simply to be very disappointed. How many times have you ever acquired anything on the web just to later on learn it wasn’t the best deal? It really is extremely disheartening…

Don’t get worried, you aren’t by yourself within your pursuit of the very best automobile insurance in Naples, Florida. My goal is to help you reduce the actual search simply because I’ve done all of the legwork available for you. You will recognize that there exists one particular clear decision when it comes to price, customer service, reputation, place, and expertise.

To get the best automobile insurance company you have to first look for the agency which has excellent customer service. Without outstanding assistance, you’ll be dissatisfied. This is what can make or break all of your experience. And I’m speaking from personal experience as well. I have discovered organizations with excellent support, but there is one which especially stands apart among the others. Look for an agency which usually wins honours for possessing the very best customer service. Search just how long they’ve been around too and it’ll provide you with a good idea regarding customer service. Auto insurance companies with poor customer support do not survive very long.

YouTube Preview Image

Another necessary factor to contemplate concerning automobile insurance around Naples is actually cost. This is actually crucial in the current economy. I’ve discovered an insurance coverage company that’s extremely competitive and several occasions has better bargains compared to “cut-rate” insurance providers. The other organizations spend so much on marketing however they really are not competitive in the end. They’ll undertake their best in order to persuade you that they can help you save money upon car insurance. However, their advertising spending budget is actually so significant that they actually can’t be competitive. Do not be duped. Back it up with information and discover the truth your self.

The reality is that these companies often have higher costs and lesser customer service, they don’t have a neighborhood agent to support you, and their own good reputation is often in doubt. You will want low cost together with fantastic customer service from the neighborhood representative who has an excellent history of providing your preferences. The business you would like should be easily located in Naples.

Make sure you pick a representative who is going to become just like a very good neighbor and can function using integrity as well as trustworthiness. Many people give up honesty in the interest of conserving some funds. Sometimes what you could possibly imagine may be the least expensive is actually not. Popularity is also frequently overlooked whenever checking out car insurance in Naples. Most certainly, I found a good organization which consistently beats the “budget” car insurance businesses in all these areas.

Last but not least, don’t forget to look at the experience of the representative whenever hunting for Naples automobile insurance quotations. Consistently choose an agent that has an extended, established track record associated with performance. This kind of company will have to be protecting persons for a long time in Naples, Florida.

Use your groundwork as well. Don’t merely leap at the possibility to save some money with car insurance in Naples. Always be sure to examine all the aspects that make for a fantastic auto insurance company.

About the Author: Carey Stokes is a marketing consultant that specializes in locating the best offers within various areas.





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On the campaign trail in the USA, June 2020

On the campaign trail in the USA, June 2020

Posted: February 2nd, 2021 by Admin

Saturday, July 25, 2020

The following is the second edition of a monthly series chronicling the 2020 United States presidential election. It features original material compiled throughout the previous month after an overview of the month’s biggest stories.

This month’s spotlight on the campaign trail includes interviews with the vice presidential nominees of the Prohibition Party, Reform Party, and the Life and Liberty Party.

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New Zealand prisoners do nothing says National party

New Zealand prisoners do nothing says National party

Posted: February 2nd, 2021 by Admin

Sunday, November 5, 2006

Figures released by Simon Power, law and order spokesman for the National party, show that the New Zealand Labour led government lets 81% of all prisoners not do any work while in prison. Newspaper, Sunday News says that some Christchurch prisoners have been given a barbecue for good behavior.

Simon Power’s figures show that of the 7,612 prisoners only 19% (1,470) of them took part in Corrections Inmate Employment during 2006. But in 2005 it was at 23% and in 2004 it was at 26%. He says that the prisons with the least amount of inmates working are: Rolleston with 8.6%, Mount Eden with 8.7%, Rimutaka with 11%, Christchurch Women’s with 13.5% and Dunedin with 13.8%. Mr Power said: “These figures are an appalling indictment on this Government’s approach to prisoner rehabilitation and preparing them for release.”

“In May, Corrections Minister Damien O’Connor announced a strategy that he said would help in ‘significantly increasing the number of prisoners in work and training. But a week later this was shown to be nothing more than window dressing when the Budget increased funding for prisoner employment by a measly $336,000 – up 1%.”

“They have cut funding [on the Corrections Department] by 27% since 2001/02, from $46.5 million to $34 million.”

Mr Power blames the low work rate on the big prison construction budget of $490 million. “There would have been more than a miserable $336,000 extra to spend on effective rehabilitation and work schemes,” he said.

“[Mr O’Conner] seems happier to spend $11 million on landscaping four new prisons and allow prisoners to sit around playing Playstations and Xboxes on their flat-screen TVs than he is about helping them get better prepared for when they are released.”

“Prisoners should be doing meaningful work, training or study while they are in prisons, and I imagine the public would agree,” Mr Power added.

Mr Power, commenting on the barbecue, said: “These people are in prison because they were found to be in serious breach of the law. The victims of their crimes will be grossly offended by the idea that they are being rewarded for anything. This is the just the latest in a long line of incredibly bad decisions made by the Corrections Department over the past year and taxpayers have had enough.”

Bevan Hanlon, president for the Corrections Officers Association, said: “The Mobsters getting a BBQ was a “joke”. (Christchurch Prison) staff are reporting the smell of dope every day. Mobsters are threatening staff on a daily basis and there appears to be high cellphone use (mobile phones are banned in jail). So what happens? They are given a BBQ.”

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