Regaining Locks That Are Voluminous

Regaining locks that are voluminous


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Hair transplant is a surgical procedure where the surgeon takes hair from a part of the body, called the donor site and moves it to a bald or a balding part of the body known as the recipient site . Unfortunately, this problem affects many people. Men are hit by this problem more commonly than women are, and even women are not exempt from hair loss and baldness. Men generally start losing hair as early as their 20 s where as it is a slower process for women.

The loss of hair can cause self-esteem issues in many people. As the hair on your head is one of the most prominent and distinguishing factors in your appearance, a loss of hair can reflect poor health and can add years to your look, making you appear older than you really are. Flocks of thick and voluminous hair signify beauty and attractiveness in men women. Fortunately, for people who suffer an extreme hair loss or balding problem, which are sick of trying pills, creams, shampoos, solutions, wigs and other temporal methods to work with this problem, hair transplant in Dubai offered at the Dubai Cosmetic Surgery center provides a permanent and aesthetically pleasing solution.


The expert and certified cosmetic surgeons with years of experience working at the Dubai Cosmetic Surgery center ensure to provide you with a safe and genuine experience whereby you would never complain about hair fall again. To get the right doctor for this treatment is crucial. It is advisable not to go to a quack doctor offering a very low price for this treatment, as hair transplant surgery is a complex procedure only effectively treated by a veteran in the field.

It is important that you discuss all your peculiar problems with your doctor. As each patient has a different cause for balding, for some it may be genetic, for others it may be a health factor, for someone it may be environmental or it could be due to an accident or trauma whereby the hair on the head have fallen. The cause of balding is important for the cosmetic surgeon to be aware of so that he can come up with the best solution with which to treat you. This is also crucial in determining your recovery period.

A large number of men and women have benefited from this operation. Why should you give up the chance to regain hair that look natural, have the ability to grow out and make you feel young and attractive forever more. The idea of hair transplant is a highly tempting one for people who suffer from balding. However, it is crucial to find the right doctor and the right kind of

hair transplant operation

for yourself. It will be something that would reap you fruits for the years to come.

Established in 2004,

Dubai Cosmetic Surgery

has emerged as the leading cosmetic surgery center in Dubai benefiting celebrities and ordinary people. Dubai Cosmetic Surgery offers free consultancy for those who have been

facing receding hairlines and initial balding signs


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