Popular Dog Breeds}

Popular dog breeds


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Dogs will always remain mens best friends regardless of age, sex and nationality. Nowadays there are various dog breeds available and it is quite hard to tell which of them the most popular ones are. People and dogs are simply drawn to each other, these pets being wonderful companions for individuals worldwide. Furthermore, people who have pets are more emotionally stable than those who dont have any and having a dog will teach you many things about empathy, responsibility, patience, trust and compassion. Dogs are also great for reducing stress, anxiety and hostility in people.

There are many dogs that make great pets but here are some of the most popular dog breeds. First of all, we should mention the Labrador retriever is highly popular due to its good nature, intelligence and loyalty, having impressive energy levels, being gentle and tolerant of children and used frequently as service dogs. Labrador retrievers are loving, affectionate, patient, highly intelligent, loyal and active. These pets simply love to play and especially to swim as much as they can. They need to feel that they belong to a family, they are easily trained, well socialized and they are great watch dogs.

Next, there are the Yorkshire Terriers which are known for their small size and great nature. They are perfect for children, courageous and great watch dogs. Yorkshires are highly energetic, clever and affectionate, although they can be very aggressive if they are provoked. One of the most beautiful dog breeds is represented by the Golden retrieves, known also as Goldies, which are intelligent, well-mannered, easy to train and eager to please. This breed makes great family dogs being very friendly and having very little guarding instincts. In order to be happy, these animals must always be surrounded by people who enjoy the role of leadership.

The German Shepherd is one of the most popular dog breeds, being respected and admired throughout the world. This breed is versatile, intelligent and beloved for the devotion German Shepherd dogs show to their owners. Dogs belonging to this breed are used frequently by police officers and the military, as guide for blind people and as search and rescue dogs. These animals are renown for their self-confidence and nobility, making an excellent companion. German Shepherds dont need to be aggressive in order to protect their home and their family and they can be trained easily by competent instructors. However, if you buy such a dog, professional training is a must. The colors of this dog breed are versatile: black and tan, black and red, black and silver, black and cream, solid black, sable and even white.

The Beagle is a sweet, curious, sociable, calm and loving pet, being excellent companions for children and good with other dogs. Because they have a strong personality, they need firm training and they love exploring places. As you can see, these are just some of the most popular dog breeds and you can understand how difficult it can be to select a dog from a variety of possibilities. In order to be satisfied with your decision, you need to look beyond the dogs physical aspect and take into consideration his temperament and personality.

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you can choose for your family is simply overwhelming but getting to know as much as possible about mens best friends will enable you to make the best choice. These

dog breeds

are beautiful and its up to you to decide who you want to take home.

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