Lynne Curtin Facelift Surgeon

Lynne Curtin Facelift Surgeon


Abigail Aaronson

After revealing amazing results, more and more people were drawn to the Lynne Curtin facelift surgeon. Wondering what it would be like to make an appointment? Here are some of the issues and procedures that were discussed during this season of Real Housewives of Orange County.

Mother’s Procedures

When meeting with the Lynne Curtin facelift surgeon, she expressed a problem in the way that her face looked. After working out and working hard to maintain her body, she felt that her face just didn’t fit with the rest or her appearance. While some of her issues came from sun damage, others were a result of normal aging.


In order to change her appearance, the Lynne Curtain facelift surgeon worked to remove some of the skin that was sagging and lifter her forehead and brows to create a smoother texture across her face. While this type of surgery creates a major change, the scars are left in places that are rarely noticed by others including the hairline and behind the ears.

When everything was completed, she was thrilled with the results and suggested that the procedures had taken years off the look of her face. This gave her an added sense of confidence and made her feel as though her body was more complete and matched better overall. Others around her also agreed that the surgery made a change for the better.

Daughter’s Consultation

Her daughter went with her to consult with the Lynne Curtain facelift surgeon; however, her daughter was interested in something completely different. She first expressed an interest in removing a bump from her nose in order to give her face a more attractive appearance. At a later date, this operation was performed.

Her other request was breast augmentation. After hearing more, the doctor recommended that this be something to put off until a later date. Because of her age and current rate of development, it was determined that the augmentation would not only be something that may be unnecessary, but could also be something that does more damage than good.

Family Consultation

Today, more and more mothers and daughters are coming in together for a consultation for procedures that change the appearance. Mothers are looking to recapture a more youthful look from the past and daughters are looking to make the changes they want early in life to have time to enjoy them. Instead of putting something like this off, they want to be able to feel confidant right away.

If this is something that you, or a family member is interested in, take the time to make a consultation. You can even contact the Lynne Curtain facelift surgeon to find out how a similar operation would be able to give you a more healthy and youthful appearance. By meeting with a doctor, you are able to find out what you can have done and get an idea of the procedure’s price range. Also, if someone else in the family wants to make a change, take them along with you.


Lynne Curtin facelift surgeon

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